The importance of after summer maintenance for your boat

The importance of after summer maintenance for your boat

The best way to prevent possible problems that a boat may have is by carrying out the correct maintenance. With the start of autumn and winter, many sailors decide to close the boating season for a few months, so it is the ideal time to give our boat the maintenance it deserves. The care and tuning of our boat are essential for our safety and enjoyment when the summer season arrives.

Many experts say that it is best to take the boat out of the water at least once a year to give the hull a good overhaul and repair any items that need it.

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Dry-docking will allow us to thoroughly clean the hull of the vessel by removing fouling and algae that has accumulated below the waterline and, if not removed in time and allowed to build up, will be much more difficult to remove. Cleaning and painting the bottoms will allow for better navigation and significant fuel savings.

It is not only advisable to make a general check of the hull and deck, but also to check other parts of the boat, such as the engine, making the necessary oil changes, filters, cooling pump impeller, belts, etc.


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Batteries, anchor chain, candlesticks, hatches and portlights should not be forgotten in our annual inspection.

It is also very important to check the condition of the safety components such as the raft, waistcoats, pyrotechnics, etc.


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