Garmin announces new Surround View system

Garmin announces new Surround View system

Garmin introduces 'Surround View', the first nautical camera system to provide a 360° view of the vessel


Garmin Ltd, the world leader in satellite navigation, today announced Surround View, an innovation for the yachting and boating industry. Using six cameras flush mounted to the hull, Surround View provides a 360-degree view to help owners quickly see everything around their boat when mooring or performing difficult manoeuvres.

With this new technology we are moving closer to other worlds that have been using this system for many years, giving larger yards the opportunity to exploit the full potential of this product, making the owner or captain feel even more secure.

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 The system consists of six 1080p cameras: one camera at the bow, one at the stern and two cameras installed on the starboard and port sides.When active, the system provides a full 360-degree aerial view of the entire vessel in real time directly to compatible Garmin chartplotters.

Designed to optimise visibility and minimise blind spots, the owner can view one or two cameras simultaneously, in addition to the 360° view. The system also offers a number of advanced augmented reality functions to improve situational awareness and collision avoidance, including:

Visual Bumper: provides a visual indicator, at a user-configurable distance, around the vessel to show the owner when any non-water objects, such as docks or jetties, cross this barrier.

Distance Markers: provides the owner with visual references around the vessel to help determine distance when manoeuvring in tight spaces

Vista bird's-eye: the bird's-eye image, through the 6 cameras, offers a 360-degree view around the vessel.

Multi VideoView one or two cameras and bird's-eye images simultaneously.


Safe and efficient installation

Weighing just under 700g between steel and polycarbonate, it is recessed during the construction process and ensures that the chambers are secure and maintenance-free.

Designed to fit virtually any boat, the system is compatible with a wide range of Garmin chartplotters or MFDs, such as the GPSMAP® 8400/8600 series, the GPSMAP 7x3/9x3/12x3 series or the Volvo Penta glass cockpit system.

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